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Latest-generation motor management for EC fans


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GMM next

Latest-generation motor management for EC fans


 - Everything under control

 - High-performance connection to the BMT

 - Boost function for power increase above the design point

Specially developed for Güntner heat exchangers with EC fans, GMMnext is a tailored solution which achieves optimum effciency as regards heat dissipation and therefore increases the economic effciency of the entire refrigeration system.

The sophisticated technology used for the control and power components maximizes the service life of the heat exchanger and fans. GMMnext automatically sets the parameters for the EC fans and power components, thereby enabling plug-and-play operation.


Functional areas of Güntner’s GMMnext Motor Management system

  • Information manager:
    More reliable and transparent system operation

  • System manager:
    Monitoring for the unit’s entire life cycle

  • Process controller:
    Process control for energyoptimized operation

What does GMMnext offer?

The availability of the latest Industrial Ethernet protocols and the integration of proven feldbus protocols ensure a future-oriented connection. More powerful bus protocols (compared to conventional feldbus protocols) are optionally available via communications modules:

  • Modbus RTU
  • Modbus TCP
  • BACnet MS/TP
  • BACnet/IP
  • Profbus DP
  • USB port on board

Intuitive operating concept:
With the help of the rotary selection knob, menu navigation is intuitive and much quicker than before.

Online availability of data:
The fact that error messages are passed on quickly during servicing improves operational reliability. With direct access to data on a PC or smartphone, operating staff can easily analyse errors and operating data and take steps to optimize the system via a PC or smartphone.

  • Data access
  • Error messages
  • Benchmarking

Operational reliability and service life

  • Status and alarm management
  • Boost function
  • Maintenance cycle
  • Automatic parametrization when replacing fans

Plug and play

  • Adjustment of control loops (up to four separate refrigeration loops), setpoints (each loop can be assigned its own setpoint) and refrigerant
  • Communication-capable system with three automatic control modes
  • Possibility of switching the internal control between heating and cooling
  • Two setpoints can be defined in order to switch from dry cooling mode to free cooling mode via an external signal
  • External control for maximum flexibility


Optimizing the entire refrigeration system

How can operating costs be reduced without restricting the required power? With a well-thought-out control system of course! Maximum savings can only be achieved if all components are perfectly tailored to each other and optimally regulated.

Low Capacity Motor Management (LCMM)

  • User-friendly regulation, especially in the partial load range, even use of fans
  • EC fans have a minimum speed which lies somewhere between 9 and 15 % of the maximum speed. With systems with one fan, this is also the smallest possible control value of the controller for the overall system

Super-Low Capacity Motor Management (SLCMM)

  • Inverse operation to reduce convection
  • Minimal deviation from setpoints in the event of low load states and low ambient temperatures
  • Precise control in all load scenarios

Setpoint displacement
Allows the customer to operate their refrigeration system with optimum energy effciency depending on the outside temperature

Night setback
Reduces noise emissions during night operation, saves energy, reduces the fan speed via the internal time program or an external signal




More than Energy Saving: Güntner Dry Cooler with EC fan + GMM Controller

More than Energy Saving: Güntner Dry Cooler with EC fan + GMM Controller

In 2018, Qinshui Jinmei Gas Power Generation (“Qinshui Jinmei”) replaced two radiators of its 104# gen set with Güntner’s high efficient radiators using EC fan and GMM EC fan controller. After two years’ tracking (Jul 2018 – Jun 2020), the data collected clear showed that the new Güntner radiators had demonstrated excellent power consumption savings of 74%.


Project description (417 KB)

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