GCM MOD xxx Rail
GCM MOD xxx Rail

GCM MOD xxx Rail

Güntner Communication Module Modbus


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GCM MOD xxx Rail

Güntner Communication Module Modbus



  • external monitoring and control of all control parameters
  • standard protocol Modbus RTU
  • high operational reliability through watchdog
  • ready for connection

IP 20 protection rating


  • Modbus RTU interface for quick and standardised data transfer to master control or DDC system

Usable for different control types

  • Option for GMM sincon, GMM Step, GMM phasecut or GHM spray
  • data transfer supported by protocol
  • internal voltage supply via GMM

GMM sincon / GMM Step / GMM phasecut / GHM spray

Area of application

  • Condenser –  pressure-dependent control
  • Drycooler – temperature-dependent control

Special features

  • Reading and writing of: control values, operating mode, control parameters, setpoint, used refrigerants, Watchdog
  • Reading of: fault messages and operating information of all fans and of the GMM, present values of measured data of motors and sensors, e.g. pressure, (motor) temperatures, performance, speed, control value, function and status

Combination with switch cabinet

  • Later installation in GMM sincon, GMM phasecut, GHM spray  or GMM Step also possible

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