Güntner Condenser Horizontal Vario

40 - 1450 kW

FLAT Vario

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  • Condensating of gases
  • Process Cooling
  • Gas Cooling


Güntner Condenser Horizontal Vario


Robust and variable

Güntner specialises in air-cooled condensers and dry coolers for all the usual media. Our FLAT and VERTICAL series have proved particularly popular and are continually being improved.

These extremely versatile units are available in horizontal or vertical design. Using the Güntner Product Calculator GPC you can quickly and easily configure suitable condensers or dry coolers for your requirements.

You can choose from a very wide performance range, a variety of fans for different noise emission requirements and an extensive programme of accessories.


Wide capacity range

  • Capacity range: 40 – 1450 kW
  • Large number of different types
  • Can be supplied for all refrigerants
  • Large selection of accessories

High-quality heat exchanger

  • Special copper pipes for HFC and heat carriers
  • Stainless steel pipes for NH3
  • Undulating aluminium fins for ease of cleaning and high heat transfer
  • Staggered tube pattern
  • Various fin spacings

Robust casing

  • Non-warping casing thanks to profiled side walls
  • All fan sections are separated from one another by separation sheets.
  • Sheet steel, galvanised
  • Powder coated in RAL 7035
  • Special varnishing possible

Suitable for All Noise Protection Requirements

  • Various diameter fans
  • Various speeds
  • Night setback with Güntner controls

The Güntner Product Calculator GPC calculates the optimum combination of number of fans, diameter and speed for the customer’s specific noise requirements.

Tailored solutions for any application

Inspection and cleaning

  • Fans easily accessible
  • Inspection cover
  • Hinged fan plates

Easy to install

  • Robust crane lugs to simplify transport by crane
  • Small number of feet and hence fewer bases, fewer attachments
  • Factory-fitted assembly groups (switch cabinets, empty casing...)

High operational reliability and leak containment

  • Proven Güntner floating coil principle (refrigerant tubes do not make contact with the casing, which increases the heat exchanger’s service life)
  • Low deflection casing for crane and forklift transport


  • 1-16 pcs.
  • 800mm, 900mm, 1000mm
  • Each fan section is separated by separation sheets

AC fans

  • Low-noise impeller with high efficiency
  • Two speeds as standard feature
  • Suitable for speed controllers
  • Motor protection with thermocontacts

EC fans

  • Low-noise impeller with a high level of efficiency
  • EC motors with a high level of efficiency
  • Individual speed adjustment
  • Integrated motor protection
  • Highly efficient operation and operational safety when used with Güntner Motor Management

All controls possible

AC fans

  • Step control, GMM step
  • Phase cutting control, GMM phasecut
  • Frequency regulator with all-pole sine filter, GMM sincon

EC fans

  • Speed-controllable, GMM EC

Modular and flexible!

  • Numerous possible combinations
  • Configurable tube materials and geometries
  • Various fin spacings
  • Various diameter fans
  • Various numbers of fans

Technical details



Hallmark Güntner efficiency on the ice rink

Hallmark Güntner efficiency on the ice rink

At the new outdoor ice rink in Malbun, Liechtenstein, situated 1,600 metres above sea level, L&R Kältetechnik, based in Sundern, relies on a Güntner FLAT Vario condenser to dissipate heat from the machine room. The customised 200 kW capacity refrigeration system only needs half as much energy as “off-the-peg” solutions and hence reduces energy costs by more than CHF 6,000 every year.


Project description (318 KB)

365 days of wintry temperatures in the world's longest ski tunnel thanks to Güntner

365 days of wintry temperatures in the world's longest ski tunnel thanks to Güntner

There are year-round temperatures of about minus 4 °C in the "MidSweden 365" ski tunnel. The tunnel system in the Swedish village of Gällö-Viken was once built for military purposes and recently redesigned for about SEK 37 million to house an indoor sports facility for cross-country skiing for everybody that opened its doors in September 2017. Güntner provided air coolers, heat exchanger coils, an ammonia condenser as well as a dry cooler for this ski tunnel.


Project description (231 KB)

Saint Petersburg state ice theatre uses Güntner FLAT Vario

Saint Petersburg state ice theatre uses Güntner FLAT Vario

The refrigeration system for the Russian mobile ice theatre “the Saint Petersburg State Ballet on Ice” has been operating since August 2017 and can produce a top-quality ice rink in ambient temperatures of up to 35 °C in next to no time. The waste heat from the refrigeration circuit is dissipated via a GCHV-type Güntner FLAT Vario condenser.


Project description (202 KB)

Fresh-frozen fish in Croatian fish factory

Fresh-frozen fish in Croatian fish factory

Arbacommerce d.o.o. Zadar in Labin, Croatia, refrigerates and freezes sardines that were freshly caught in the waters of the Mediterranean. The modern fish processing plant processes 4,000 tons of fish annually, both in blocks and as individually frozen fish (IQF). Güntner condensers and air coolers ensure seamless cooling operations in connection with compound systems.


Project description (443 KB)

CO2 at the forefront

CO2 at the forefront

In an environmentally friendly CO2 cascade refrigerating plant, the Danish supermarkt uses condensers that operate as gas coolers at high ambient temperatures and supercritical processes.


Project description (1.16 MB)

New Bitzer factory: Higher precision with air-conditioning

New Bitzer factory: Higher precision with air-conditioning

By using a centralised cooling system, the manufacturer of cooling machines saves about 30% of electricity and improves precision in manufacturing.


Project description (1.13 MB)

Fresh and crunchy - Greengrow carrot storage

Fresh and crunchy - Greengrow carrot storage

During planning of a new store, many requirements have to be taken into account. What design should the air coolers have? And how to incorporate appropriate control options?


Project description (327 KB)





Eurovent Certification

Eurovent Certification

Which benefits do you as a customer have?

Güntner has the high standard of producing high-quality, application-oriented heat exchangers and remaining both fair and transparent. That is why we participate in a corresponding programme from Eurovent. The goal of the Eurovent Certification Company is to promote fair competition and to guarantee the customers that the units on the market are inspected under the same conditions and that they are therefore easier to compare. The manufacturers’ specifications are examined by independent laboratories for this purpose. To do this, units from the respective manufacturer are selected randomly.

The HE Programme (Heat Exchangers for Refrigeration) for heat exchangers of the refrigeration and air conditioning industry has existed since 2001. Güntner has participated successfully without interruptions since the implementation of the programme; all of the series included in the programme are certified without exception – and have been since the very beginning!

The Eurovent certification of the HE Programme includes DX evaporators and condensers that are designed for R-404A, R-134a, R-507A, R-407A, R-407C, R-407F, R-448A, R-449A, R-450A, R-452A and R-513A, and air coolers with coolants.

A certification for CO2 condensers and gas coolers respectively, and for CO2 DX evaporators as an individual group of units is scheduled in the foreseeable future. The Eurovent certification programme has not been designated yet for NH3 evaporators and condensers as well as 60 Hz units and centrifugal fan units.

Operating certified units provides you with significant advantages that are worth real money:

  • The classification of units into energy efficiency classes is an important characteristic of the certification providing you with information on the energy consumption you can expect from the selected unit. This means the operating costs can clearly be identified.
  • The independently measured, inspected specifications give you certainty when it comes to designing the units. You can design precisely to the operating point; safety margins are not required.
  • Units are easier to compare with each other thanks to certified specifications. This results in fair competition under realistic conditions.
  • The certify-all principle guarantees that manufacturers cannot distinguish themselves through individual “top-seller” units: Complete product groups are certified, hence there are no loopholes for individual units. According to the certify-all principle, actually all the certifiable product groups of a manufacturer must be tested, hence it is not possible to have, for example, only condensers certified while excluding evaporators, air coolers and gas coolers from testing.
  • The confirmed and therefore reliable technical data increase the investment security and guarantees planning security and operational reliability with regard to performance and energy efficiency of the entire system. The operating costs can clearly be calculated right from the beginning.
  • Certified units save real money: “We recommend that every operator calculates the energy consumption for a current or future construction project because of a hypothetically insufficient capacity. A few years ago, non-certified units showed insufficient capacities of up to 35 % in a serial examination. Thus, you can realistically expect a reduced output of 15 – 20 % for calculation. In comparison, there is a clearly better payback period for the certified unit, usually clearly under 2 years”, according to Peter Roth, Eurovent officer at Güntner.
  • The certification applies to all standard units. Through its modular variability, the new Güntner product structure includes an even wider range of certified units.

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