Güntner Group – the whole range of dry cooling technology

We at Güntner are well aware of the diversity of dry cooling applications. And we have set the benchmark when it comes to dry cooling: The wide range of products we can offer for this area of application demonstrates this in an impressive way. The Güntner Group makes available the whole range of dry cooling technologies – this means you will always find the technically best solution for your application. And, of course, we are glad to discuss with you the right solution for your requirements.




The overview above illustrates the variety of solutions available to you. Each one of them has its merits, and each one of them was developed for specific applications. The following applies for all criteria, be it capacity, energy efficiency, investment costs, operating costs, footprint or sound: You will always be provided with the suitable unit – including the suitable control. This is because the control concepts, developed in-house by Güntner Controls, can be used for all technologies without exception as all controls concepts use the same technology. Even if you operate several units with different technologies within your application, everything will work just fine: The newly developed Master Panel is capable of pooling all subordinate controllers and thus serves as central interface to the superordinate system. So the integration into the building management system (BMS) could not be easier. Güntner also implemented additional communication protocols. Besides the standard of classic fieldbus technology such as Modbus RTU and Profibus DB, we now also offer industrial Ethernet protocols like BaCnet/IP and Modbus/TCP. All this allows the Güntner Master Panel to easily communicate with any BMS. For certain.

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