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Draught-free portioning of meat

About 300 employees cut about 225,000 kg of pork meat per day into consumer-friendly portions in the new production hall of Alegra Foods's pork cutting plant in Castro, Paraná. This production volume makes the agro-food industry joint venture between Friesland, Castrolanda and Capal one of the largest companies on the Brazilian market.

Alegra Foods sets great value upon good working conditions to protect the health of its employees. In the sensitive area of meat processing, there are requirements for the production hall's cooling technology that are mandatory with regard to hygiene, reliability and safety. In addition to these requirements, Alegra Foods was looking for refrigeration components that also allow for draught-free air distribution, and put these components out to tender during the planning stage.

All the refrigeration components of the company are operated using the environmentally friendly refrigerant ammonia. In the end, seven Güntner direct evaporators of the PROCESS Application series were installed in the production hall. These units provide draught-free air distribution. Compared to standard technology with ventilation, this measure proved successful in reducing absenteeism among the workforce. This kind of natural convection cooling and the resulting thermal comfort clearly exceeded the expectations of Alegra Foods.

Processing room evaporators Güntner PROCESS Application

The direct evaporator Güntner PROCESS Application is specifically designed for processing rooms. The solid construction was optimised for operation under harsh and, at the same time, hygienic manufacturing conditions. The large hinged tray with quick release fasteners provides access to all the structural parts and thereby renders inspection and cleaning easy. The tried and tested Güntner floating coil principle ensures that the fluid-carrying tubes do not have any contact with the casing, which increases the heat exchanger’s service life and protects against leakage.

The low-speed external rotor motors of the axial fans of the Güntner PROCESS Application unit are speed-controlled and are thus charaterised by low energy consumption and low sound emission. The special design of the units operated at Alegra Foods achieves particularly low air velocities. What's more, the units are equipped with a thermally decoupled drip tray that effectively prevents the formation of condensation water.

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