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Natural refrigerants for slaughterhouse in Brazil

The same applies for the Brazil-based company Alibem Comercial de Alimentos Ltda. Alibem, known on an international level for their great meat quality, offer a wide range of products. In 2004, the company began to slaughter 1,000 pigs per day; the production has since more than tripled. The production takes place at two sites in the Rio Grande do Sul region; 2,300 pigs are slaughtered in Santo Ângelo and 3,000 in Santa Rosa per day.

This capacity increase was necessary as the company has entered new markets like Singapore and South Africa and recently signed an export agreement with China. In addition to this, there have been the needs of the local market in which Alibem wanted to serve niches like the demand for new meat cuts and smaller cuts of pork meat.

It was all about finding the best technical solution possible to cater for minimum weight loss of the meat cuts during the production and to keep the plant’s energy consumption as low as possible. Unique for this project: For the first time, Güntner Brazil were not only the component supplier, but also collaborated with the customer’s engineers in charge on the technical plant design and were responsible for the electric and mechanic installation of the entire plant.

A part of this responsibility was to change existing concepts rooted in the market: So, not only the capacity of the evaporators was in focus – in this case, it was the size of the heat exchanger surface that was decisive for the model selection. A sufficient surface with the possibility of raising the evaporating temperature, thus reducing the driving temperature difference, allows for reaching the required room temperature also at low fan speeds. At low speeds, the rate of air circulation stays at a level preventing excessive desiccation of the meat. Furthermore, current consumption is accordingly low especially at low speeds so that energy consumption could also be reduced.

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