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ECOSS 3000 in poultry slaughterhouse

The company „Frango Bomgosto“ is well-known in Brazil and neighbouring countries for their high-quality poultry products. In 2012, they extended a new slaughterhouse in which approximately 100,000 animals per day were to be processed. For the state-of-the-art, NH3 pump operation refrigeration installation, they looked around for a highly efficient yet environmentally friendly condenser.

The decision to buy an ECOSS 3000 with GMM EC system was based on several reasons: With the ECOSS, the investment costs were relatively low, given that only a minimal substructure was needed on site. Together with the long service life and the low operational costs, there was practically no valid alternative to be found on the market.Plus, the combination of GMM EC (Güntner Motor Management) system with highly efficient EC fans offers the ideal solution with respect to energy efficiency and noise emissions. In addition, the GMM EC is equipped with further unique functions, e.g. the Low Capacity Motor Management (LCMM) with which the system can also be operated efficiently during low partial load conditions.

To ensure uniform utilization of the fans, there is a special “fan cycling” function whereby the fan which has the fewest operating hours is actuated, thus enhancing the operational reliability and service life of the fans. The factory-wired fans were already parameterized and ready to go. Given that the evaporative condenser was delivered in one piece without the need of further assembly, you could say that this was a plugand- play solution. The customer was especially convinced by the numerous advantages of the stainless steel construction, one of which is the above-mentioned reduced expense for on-site substructures. Compared to conventional evaporative condensers, the ECOSS is very light with almost 50 % less operating weight. Plus, the corrosionresistant material allows us to offer extensive warranty, e.g. 3 years for the complete unit. Above all, the self-passivating stainless steel construction is an Eco friendly design which minimizes water treatment requirements and allows for operation at higher cycles of concentration with reduced blow down and lower make up water requirements. In this specific case, compared to conventional solutions, the customer’s savings on water amount is approx. to 6,000 m3 of water per year, or USD 3,000. The chemical treatment saving is even higher. It can reach USD 25,000.00 per year.

Buying an ECOSS was one wise decision!

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