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Romanov dvor: An excellent address in Moscow

Russia's growing importance in global economy attracts more and more international companies who increase their presence in the Russian capital.

Of course, Moscow's best neighbourhoods are preferred. Finding a prime address with excellent local and communication infrastructure is one of the main stages in the process of establishing a new branch office. For this step, the support of local companies specialised in development projects like the Romanov Development Group is crucial.

The company headquarters are located in the “Romanov dvor” office building, most significant project realized by the “Romanov Development Group”. The literal translation of Romanov dvor is "court of the Romanovs" and refers to the estate of the Romanov tsar family that was located at this place in the 17th century. The name shows the proximity to the centre of powers, the Kremlin. The building located near the Romanov Pereulok is only 500 m from the Red Square and one of the most prestigious addresses in town. With a surface of 50,000 m², the building offers enough space for its tenants, leading multinational companies and banks, that attach great importance to highest comfort and value the building's pleasant atmosphere with an atrium, winter garden, spacious front staircase, view lifts and underground parking. Of course, the building is equipped with modern building engineering for air conditioning and central heating.

The required air-conditioning installations were realised in several sequences by two contractors. The first installation with Güntner drycoolers and an overall refrigerating capacity of 1490 kW was designed and implemented by the contractor Trane. For server room cooling, units of the series GFH were selected. Drycoolers of the series GFD were installed for air-conditioning the seven storey building. These units operate with ethylene glycol and are equipped with aluminium fins and copper tubes for safe and reliable cooling.

It was possible to install the units on the roof, because the units have such a low noise level that the noise control regulations can be observed even at night. Due to the architecture of the building, the installation of the units on the roof was quite a technical challenge. A special crane was necessary to lift the units to the roof, because the building is located in an area of high housing density.

In 2007, an additional server room was created. For equipping the server room with cooling installations, the company Artek selected two Güntner drycoolers of the series GFW with an overall refrigerating capacity of 580 kW. Also in this case the installation was carried out smoothly with the necessary technical support.

Romanov Development Group is one of the most important development companies for high class office premises in the Russian capital. Since 1994, the company provides a comprehensive range of services for all development stages in the fields investment, construction, servicing, maintenance and property management of first-class office buildings. At one of their highly prestigious addresses, the office building Romanov dvor, Güntner drycoolers of the series GFH, GFD and GFW ensure a reliable cooling of the offices and server rooms.

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