Practical assistance in configuring and operating

The unique, special conditions affecting each application must be taken into particular consideration. We take all this into account in developing our products and when advising our customers. Our extensive knowledge of heat exchanger installation in a great variety of application areas is available here along with practical tips.

Lightning protection – a cost-saving investment

While energy efficiency and cost-saving are fully par for the course when planning new buildings, lightning and overvoltage protection are frequently neglected. These precautionary measures are, however, of fundamental importance for protecting refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment set up outdoors.

Practical test: finoox® versus microox®

In the spring of 2010, to determine whether there are any differences in practical use between microox® and traditional finoox® technology (finned tube heat exchangers), particularly as regards contamination and cleaning, Güntner's testing department launched a comprehensive series of tests which ran for over 16 months.

Ambient temperature-dependent set-point shifting

Güntner Motor Management GMM offers a function which reduces operating costs by accurately regulating the minimum condensing temperature.

Sorting the good from the bad

When comparing quotations, Eurovent certified products often seem to offer less. However, this is due to the fact that the basis for comparison is not the same. That is an important point to keep in mind!

Energy Efficiency in Evaporators

The design of a heat exchanger has a major influence on its efficiency. Güntner optimizes the energy efficiency of heat exchangers by employing internally grooved tubes, staggered tube spacing, and structured fins. Read more about this here.

Optimum Temperature Distribution in Freezer Rooms

The Güntner storage room cooler not only achieves optimum temperature distribution throughout the entire storage room, it also offers an energy-saving solution for frozen storage. Read more about this here.

Güntner Streamer Increases the Cooling Range

Technical developments are continuously improving evaporator performance. This allows ever smaller evaporators to be used in large cold storage rooms. Güntner has developed the Streamer for higher cooling ranges to guarantee the required cooling range of these smaller devices, which naturally have smaller fan diameters. Read more about this here.

Defrost Flap for Air Coolers

The Güntner defrost flap minimizes energy losses and intake of moisture in cold storage rooms. Read more about this here.

Condensation-Insulated Tray

The condensation-free tray without any further insulation effort prevents undesired formation of water drops in cold storage rooms. And another benefit! The tray can be cleaned quickly and easily. Read

Refrigerant Subcooling and System Efficiency

What is subcooling and how can it be used efficiently? You'll find some basic information about this subject here.

Lightning Protection for Roof Extensions

To make efficient use of space, roof extensions are often used for electronically controlled air conditioning and ventilation systems. With systems such as this, the chance of a lightning strike places increased demands on safety. This should be taken into account already during the system design-phase. Find out how you can implement this here.

The Art of Freezing

Blast freezing of baked goods and rapid freezing of cooked food can be carried out economically when the refrigeration components in the production process are coordinated to each other optimally. This reduces running costs. Read more about this here.

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