Production Plant in Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany

A Uniform Standard of Quality Worldwide

Güntner produces top-quality heat exchangers using the latest production technologies in its own plants located in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Specifically, our manufacturing network includes plants located in Germany, Hungary, Indonesia and Mexico.
Regardless of where they are made worldwide, all Güntner products and services meet the same high quality standards that apply throughout our company.

The Güntner Group is truly a global network

The Güntner Group's headquarters in Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany, contain both its administration offices and a production facility. Efficient, effective communication within the Güntner Group forms a critical part of its corporate culture. For this reason, all company departments located at the Group’s management centre in Fürstenfeldbruck are closely linked through a matrix organization with its locations worldwide. Specialists sent out from this office promote constant exchange of information with our worldwide locations and help to acquire precise knowledge of the conditions at each one.

Special, customized products made in Fürstenfeldbruck

In our production plant in Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany, we manufacture hybrid drycoolers and condensers, customized products for the European market. In manufacturing our product lines  we use copper, stainless steel, steel, galvanized steel and aluminium.

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