In-House Production of Controllers and Switch Cabinets

For many years now, the Güntner Controls division has developed and supplied its own top-quality, high-performance controllers and switch cabinets. These devices and systems are perfectly matched for use with Güntner heat exchangers, and thus are important components of Güntner’s comprehensive heat-exchanger systems. The development and production of the Güntner Controls products are a competency of the Güntner GmbH & Co. KG. This core compentency is based on the close collaboration and the know-how of the divisions Controls Development, Control Production and Controls Product Management.

Güntner controllers and switch cabinets are made in our own dedicated production plant located in Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock, Germany. The production activities there include the construction of the electronic hardware modules as well as controller assembly and testing. This facility also assembles prefabricated switching cabinet modules for use in the Tata production plant.
The Controls Product Management department serves as the interface between the Development and Sales departments. It is here that the specifications for new products are defined, existing products are reviewed and updated and product discontinuations in favor of modernized replacements are scheduled. This department is ready and willing to answer all questions pertaining to controller technology, conducts training courses, gives customer presentations and supports the sales organization in processing inquiries.

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Our Controls Development department is in charge of product development of electronic controls. This department designs and develops all hardware platforms and also develops and tests the complementary software applications. It also designs and develops our own switch cabinets.

In addition, it defines the standards governing Güntner switch cabinets and carries out overall planning of those switch cabinets intended for use in special, customized projects.