Expansion into Latin American Market

In 2008, Frost Frio Refrigeração Industrial S/A was purchased by the Güntner Group. As Güntner do Brasil it became the first production facility of the Group in Brazil, with its headquarters in Caxias do Sul. The opening of this first production site marked an important step for further market expansion of the Güntner Group into Latin America. The production site of Güntner in Brazil is located in a region with strong potential for economic growth. With the opening of Güntner do Brazil, the Güntner Group strengthened its presence in Latin America and its proximity to the Latin American market significantly and can thus provide its partners system solutions with short routes of transport.

In Caxias do Sul evaporative condensers, air-cooled condensers, evaporators, liquid receivers, ice machines, pressure vessels and heat exchanger coils are produced. Innovative manufacturing methods are used for producing the units, such as a welding robot for air-cooled condensers and a tube expander.

Before the purchase by Güntner, the company Frost Frio, founded in September 1997 by the agronomist engineer, Mr. Osni Roberto Caron jun., initially produced industrial evaporators and evaporative condensers in galvanised steel, to be used for fruit storage. With the company's growth, the company extended its production to other application areas, such as ammonia pressure vessels for industrial cooling and ice machines for poultry and fish industry.

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In 2006, Frost Frio made significant investments for cutting edge manufacturing tools for producing steel/aluminium evaporators. Thus the company was on par with the leading companies worldwide in this field while being a pioneer in the production of such equipment in Brazil.
With the purchase by Güntner, the product range was extended with the Güntner products. All Güntner production sites are certified by the international standard ISO 9001, and thus also Güntner do Brasil will soon be certified by ISO 9001. In doing so Güntner provides its customers in Latin America high quality products and system solutions, the short routes of transport and the thus increased availability complete the product portfolio.