Güntner Production Facilities

A Uniform Standard of Quality Worldwide
Güntner manufactures its products in its own plants located in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Specifically, our manufacturing network includes plants located in Germany, Hungary, Indonesia and Mexico. Regardless of where they are made, all of our products meet the same high quality standards that apply throughout our company. All Güntner products are certified in accordance with ISO 9001.

Condensers and drycoolers for the European market
In our production plant in Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany, we produce condensers and drycoolers for the European market. This production plant augments the production lines at the largest Güntner Group plant located in Tata, Hungary. In addition, our logistics warehouse located in Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany, facilitates rapid deliveries from its inventories of standard products. >>

In-house production of switch cabinets and controllers
In 1990, Güntner Elektronik, today Güntner Controls, was founded. Güntner Controls develops its own switch cabinets and controllers, all of which are optimized for use with Güntner heat exchangers. These controllers and switch cabinets are produced in our own plant near Bielefeld, Germany, and are sold through all locations of the Güntner Group worldwide. >>

Establishment of our production plant in Hungary
At the end of the 1980’s, it was clear that Güntner needed to expand its production capacity in order to meet the ever-growing demand in the European market. To meet this need, what is now the Güntner Group’s largest production plant was established in Hungary in 1990. This plant manufactures finned heat exchangers, switch cabinets and refrigerant receivers for the European market. It was here in 2008 that two new production lines were set up for Güntner’s innovative microox® technology. >>

Eastern European facility with focus on commercial refrigeration

In 2014, Güntner has built a production facility in Sibiu/Hermannstadt (Transylvania). This is an addition to the global network of Güntner Group production facilities. With the high degree of automation and continuous know-how transfer within the production plant network, the plant in Sibiu/Hermannstadt is able to produce high quality products for the commercial refrigeration industry. >>

Expansion into the Asian market
In 1994, Güntner decided to build a production plant in Indonesia and started planning its construction, which was completed in 1996. Shortly thereafter, the plant produced its first finned heat exchangers. Today, with its 500 employees, the plant in Indonesia is the second-largest one in the Güntner Group. >>

Güntner Products for the American market
In 2002, Güntner de México (Monterrey) was the first Güntner production facility to be established in the Americas. From this strategically ideal location in Monterrey, Güntner can promptly and cost-efficiently supply both the North and South American markets with top-quality heat exchangers and UL-approved switch cabinets. Since production began, the facility’s production area has almost doubled in size in order to best meet the constantly growing demand in the American markets. >>

Establishment of Güntner do Brasil
Another important step in Güntner’s expansion in the Americas was the opening of Güntner do Brasil in 2008. In doing so, the Güntner Group has expanded and strengthened its presence on the South American continent. The location in Brazil produces evaporative condensers, air-cooled condensers and evaporators for the American markets. >>