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Spark Radiance: Digital innovation hub of the Güntner Group

Following the appointment of Jörg Köcher as Chief Digital Officer in August 2017, the Güntner Group consolidates its commitment in the area of digitization and, with this objective in mind, the company Spark Radiance was founded in autumn 2018. For the purpose of implementing the global digitization strategy of the Güntner Group in a coordinated manner, it was necessary to separate this division from the daily business of the entire organization and to establish it as a self-sustaining company. This has been done now with the foundation of Spark Radiance.

Competence Centre for digital transformation

The company with its almost 65 employees, based in Bucharest and Inning am Ammersee, is the Competence Centre of the Güntner Group aiming at developing and implementing the digitization strategy. Spark Radiance acts as global service and solution provider for the entire group to develop exactly these required solutions and to provide the technical basis for the setup of new business processes and models.

Customers will benefit more quickly from information and services

This digital innovation hub of the Güntner Group creates solutions that are indispensable for meeting the ever-rising requirements of the customers who are increasingly transferring their B2C expectations regarding responsiveness and services also to their activities in the B2B area. Spark Radiance develops the required architecture and is the driving force for the digital business models, based on the pillars of "digital communication and processes" and "products and services". Changes to the product portfolio towards a combination of material goods and services will be as much in focus as the communication channels and the internal processes.

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