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Güntner Group focuses on worker wellbeing at new Sibiu II Megafactory

Güntner Group, a global market leader in refrigeration and air conditioning technology, held the grand opening of its new factory in Sibiu, Romania, on Saturday 7 December. For its largest production facility, the group has put worker wellbeing at the centre of the development. With a focus on sustainability, every aspect is designed to create a pleasant and productive environment. A botanical garden, natural plants and water features are incorporated in the building and the architectural design and technology optimises natural light in the workspace. Plant life is also used to produce clean air and a healthy atmosphere.

Grand unveiling of the world’s first botanical garden in an industrial environment

The grand opening event for the Sibiu II Megafactory was attended by over 500 guests, including well-known political and business leaders from around the world. A high energy sound and light performance from Zoli Toth and his band ended with the spectacular unveiling of the revolutionary factory floor, which includes the world’s first botanical garden to be integrated in an industrial environment.

Guided tours were hosted by up-and-coming young professionals from the Güntner Group organisation, and celebrations continued into the evening with music from the Sibiu Philharmonic Orchestra and DJ Dani Blanco.

A unique approach with Therme Group

The unique environment of the Sibiu II Megafactory is the result of a collaboration with partner organisation Therme Group who design, develop and operate the world’s most advanced wellbeing resorts. This approach is seen at Therme Bucharest where nature and technology combine to create a perfect wellbeing environment. By incorporating this philosophy and knowhow at its new factory, Güntner Group are bringing an entirely new concept to the world of work and industrial production.

Investing for a sustainable future

Refrigeration and air conditioning systems are vital to modern life, but resource-efficient production and durable, reliable components are essential for a sustainable future. Güntner Group is a pioneer in providing dependable, energy-efficient technology. With its bold and intensive programme of investments, including the new Sibiu factory, the group is leading the industry with new sustainability approaches world-wide.

Largest production building built in record time

Built in a record time of just eight months, the Sibiu II Megafactory has a ground-level production area of more than 30,000 m² on a site covering 7 hectares.

Cutting-edge production methods

With a newly designed production line, the Sibiu II Megafactory provides the flexibility needed to rise to future production challenges and ensure sustainable, reliable deliveries in the long term.

Sibiu I was already the group’s most automated plant, and the new facility will open up expanded production capabilities. Cutting-edge technologies used include highly automated, self-loading sheet processing centres which determine production steps using artificial intelligence (AI) systems. Autonomous intralogistics systems, including mobile industrial robots (MIRs), will optimise the delivery of parts between work stations.

Automation optimising every stage of production

All of the processes at the Sibiu II Megafactory have been reviewed and optimised, down to the last detail. For example, pressure testing methods have to meet increasingly demanding technical and safety requirements for refrigerants with high operating pressures. The pressure testing system has undergone an end-to-end update, and for the first time ever, laser technology and robotics will be used on a large scale to improve every stage of the process.

The Sibiu II Megafactory not only represents a milestone in Güntner Group’s history – it is also a benchmark for new, sustainable concepts implemented in a rigorous manner. Naturally, these standards are not restricted to technology alone – they apply to the entire production process and workplace environment.

Focus on staff wellbeing

Güntner Group is not only responsible for providing reliable and sustainable products to satisfy increasing global demand for energy-efficient, high-quality heat exchangers for refrigeration and air conditioning systems. It is also of vital importance to have a production process where quality and sustainability is embedded throughout. To achieve this, a positive, healthy environment that embodies the group’s core values, is essential for all staff.

Sibiu II uses Güntner Group’s “Planted Plant” concept in the design, with natural plants incorporated in the fabric of the building. Natural light and large green areas, both on the supporting pillars in the main production hall and in separate island areas, create a unique climate for staff and demonstrate the high priority given to carefully designed products and their manufacture.

Research has shown that working in a natural environment has a profoundly positive impact on health and happiness. The new Sibiu II Megafactory embodies this approach, where every aspect is designed with workforce wellbeing in mind. This approach will be applied throughout Güntner Group to ensure industry-leading productivity and to benefit customers world-wide.

A sustainable industry leader

For decades, Güntner Group has been synonymous with sustainability, reliability and uncompromising quality. This bold investment in the company’s future underlines its commitment to remaining a leading player in the industry. The Güntner Group Sibiu II Megafactory is an expression of technological expertise and the group’s desire to rise to achieve engineering excellence in the context of a rapidly changing environment.

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