Air conditioning

The demand for air conditioning has increased sharply over the past two decades. Central Europe in particular has increasingly become a service economy with many new administrative centres.

Hotels, banks and insurance companies have erected large buildings that must be air-conditioned. As the leading manufacturer of condensers and dry coolers, Güntner has played a major role in shaping this market. Güntner products can be individually configured and produced for any application.

Your advantages

In our many years of experience we have successfully solved many problems. We can be particularly helpful in three areas:

  • Cost philosophy
    The project's owner should know from the start which cost philosophy he wants to pursue. Does he want to minimise his investment costs or his operating costs? As part of this decision, he should also determine the planned life cycle of the system and any future expansion plans.

  • Architecture and surroundings
    Other important criteria for selecting the right condensers and dry coolers are: the available space, visual screening, type of construction, noise requirements, and the aggressiveness of the ambient air, which can cause problems near the ocean or in industrial areas.

  • Thermodynamics
    Thermodynamics are affected by the ambient temperature and the fluid being used, as well as the installation's load profile, fluid temperatures, pressure drop, and location. For example, it makes a huge difference whether the system is installed in Moscow, Madrid, or on the top of Mont Blanc.

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