Renewable energies

In all areas of the current energy discussion, it is becoming clear that renewable energies will play a much more important role in the future. It is not just about the most environmentally friendly energy production – it is also about cost-effective use of the plants’ components. With their specially developed control components, Güntner heat exchangers form an energy-optimized unit.

Your advantages

Biogas plants

Bioenergy is booming. Renewable energies are more than simply the key to sustainable climate protection on our planet. Biogas combustion engines are mostly installed in space-saving containers and delivered as complete systems. Güntner meets the requirement of making heat exchangers as compact, modular and high performance as possible.

Air cooled fin and tube coils (bare coils)

We deliver customized heat exchangers for flexible plant integration. The customer gets completely mounted units to the installation site.

Air cooled units

We know what we are talking about: Güntner has been manufacturing components for over 80 years and has rich experience in projects with complex specifications, small footprint, strict sound requirements or specific material requirements. For this reason, our solutions leave nothing to be desired.

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