Power plant cooling

Modern power plants achieve maximum output from the primary energy used. These plants cannot function without additional cooling.

Güntner products are used for all plant parts that require cooling.

Your advantages

  • Cooling of power transformers / converters
    Energy transport and energy conversion play an important role in modern economic systems. The high demand that this infrastructure responsibility entails also applies for the necessary plant components used. Güntner heat exchangers, which are used for cooling processes, are reliable and fail-safe.

  • Gas turbines: cooling of the charge airflow
    The importance of gas as a global economy fuel is constantly growing. Gas turbines are increasingly used for power generation in developing regions in particular. Frequently high ambient temperatures mean that these gas turbines require a cooled charge airflow. Güntner produces heat exchanger coils as OEM units for installation in filter houses in customer-specific dimensions and materials.

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