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Coil Defender – Alternative corrosion protection for Compact air coolers

In food processing and storage, there are many different applications with as many combinations of aggressive substances in the ambient air that have to be considered when selecting the appropriate cooling technology. With the Coil Defender coating, Güntner offers an attractive alternative especially for applications in which the atmosphere is slightly aggressive, requiring a corrosion-resistant unit, but in which stainless steel would be over the top.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Hygiene-certified design in accordance with HACCP
  • Evenly applied coating with high thermal conductivity
  • Coated standard materials instead of expensive stainless steel tubes with epoxy-coated fins
  • Food-safe coating
  • 3 years of warranty!


Typical applications

Be it the processing of meat or fish, the storage of citrus fruit or stopping fermentation: What you need is an air cooler that operates in a reliable way – a heat exchanger with Coil Defender is the right choice here.



Completely coated standard materials

The heat exchanger consists of the standard material combination of copper tubes and aluminium fins. The Coil Defender Coating is applied evenly to the entire coil to ensure that there is no chance of any aggressive substances attacking it. In combination with the powder-coated casing, you get a completely protected unit.

Economically attractive alternative


The Coil Defender is an excellent alternative in those applications where the atmospheric composition does not require a heat exchanger made of stainless steel tubes and epoxy-coated fins.



Food-safe coating, certified design

The Coil Defender coating is not only food-safe, but also resistant against common water-based cleaning agents.
Moreover, all air coolers of the Compact product line are certified by the independent body TÜV SÜD in accordance with the HACCP hygiene concept, thus offering you many advantages.


Available for all Compact air coolers

Depending on the kind of application, there are different requirements that the air coolers have to fulfil. Therefore, the Coil Defender Coating is available not only for the SLIM Compact product family with their flat design, but also for the universal solution for commercial refrigeration, the CUBIC Compact, and the DUAL Compact which is especially appropriate for working rooms.



Easy and fast design with the

GPC With the Güntner Product Configurator (GPC), you have the possibility to design the units you need in a quick and easy way, adapting them to your requirements. The Coil Defender option will be indicated automatically – you just have to give it a click. You can download the latest version of our popular software here.


Comprehensive and informative – the Info brochure

In the Coil Defender Info brochure, you will find all relevant information regarding the Coil Defender coating. The digital version of the brochure is available here.


Experience and advisory expertise

Of course, you can always count on us should you need further information on material selection in diverse, even aggressive atmospheres – we are happy to help. In case of more basic questions, you will also find a practical overview in our “Recommendations for Material Selection” either as brochure here or directly in our Güntner App.


The special Plus

We offer you a 3-year warranty on all units of the Compact product line, including the units with Coil Defender coating!

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